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One Community. One Neighbourhood. One Menu

Welcome to your Neighbourhood Food Hall

The Neighbourhood Food Hall introduces a unique and innovative food hall experience, the first of its kind. This concept carefully selects and brings 11 of the best locally-owned brands from within your city to your neighborhood. These brands at NFH align with shared values of community, compassion, and camaraderie. NFH serves as a hub where individuals come together to savour excellent cuisine, forge connections, and create lasting memories.

The Neighbourhood Food Hall is a culinary haven for foodies in Motor City and the nearby communities of Dubai. Nestled at the center of Motor City in Dubai, our Food Hall is situated within the Green Community residential neighborhood area. For Motor City residents, reaching us is both accessible and convenient, just a few minutes away.

Showcasing a diverse array of locally crafted concepts, this food hall caters to every culinary taste and preference. Whether you crave the comfort of a coffee and donut cafe, the authenticity of Italian and Sri Lankan cuisine, or the flavours of an Indian grill, Asian (Thai, Chinese & Malay) street food, and Dubai's finest burgers, the food hall has you covered. For those with a penchant for local flavours, indulge in the Karak Tea and Emirati Street Food concept, providing a delightful taste of authentic Dubai cuisine.

Explore the Singaporean Hawker restaurant, the family-run Mexican establishment, and the Japanese-run Udon place, each offering a unique culinary experience. To add a distinctive twist, the first Peruvian Street food concept in Dubai enhances the food hall's already impressive lineup. For a one-stop-shop solution to all your food cravings, make your way to the Neighbourhood Food Hall in Motor City, where a delightful array of choices awaits to satisfy your taste buds.


  • Green community retail, Motor City